Park East Square Homeowners' Association Meeting, May 12, 2105

Call to order 7:03 pm

In attendance

Lois Bennett
Lori Flanagan
Dave Longenecker
Dan Tate
Bonnie Skilton
Ray Mora
Carla Landesberger
Lanai Bayne

Dave read the April minutes. They were approved as read.

Carla had questions about the spraying and whether alternatives have been tried. Lori gave the background on the spraying. Spot spraying the thistles was discussed. The HOA would consider a workable proposal for weed control which is different from the traditional methods used.

Lanai of 4222 D had a leak around the bathroom fan. Water ran down walls and under the linoleum. He's getting three estimate, Ray will address the vent problem.


Ray's report:

End of maintenance.



Adjourn at 8:56 pm.

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