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Please read the New Notice of Insurance Changes, September 2021

Our Agent is
Ella Washington Agency Inc
Office: 303-530-3444
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The Board requests that any questions related to the policy (and you will likely have questions!) be addressed to Ella's agency rather than the Board.
The Board has found Ella's to be extremely knowledgeable, personable,and helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact her.

Insurance Policies

Association Liability (Crime-D&O) policy 2023
Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy 2023
Commercial Property Coverage policy 2023
Excess Liability Coverage (Umbrella) policy 2023
Workers Comp & Employer Liability policy 2023

Adopted Resolutions

Property & General Liability Insurance
Maintenance and Insurance Chart Only

History of Insurance at Park East Square

Written March 19, 2007 by Dave Longenecker and Randy Doriese.
Amended October 30, 2015 by Dave Longenecker.
Amended November 19, 2017 by Dave Longenecker.
Disclaimer: some of the early history (pre 1990) is collected hearsay. Longtime residents: if you have pertinent information, please contact a board member.
Mid 1970's: PESHA is formed. Board does not insure individual units.
1982: PESHA board attempts to amend the Covenants to allow group insurance. As far as we can tell, the third and fourth amendments to the PESHA Covenants failed to receive 90% of owners' signatures.
1989: Fire burns the 4279 building; all four units are rendered uninhabitable. Three of the four owners happen to have the same insurance company; the fourth has no insurance. The company involved decides to rebuild the entire building.
1990: PESHA buys "all-in" group insurance from Farmers.
1994: Fire burns the 4227 building. Damage is concentrated in the A unit, with smoke damage in the other units. Farmers fixes all the units very quickly.
1999: Farmers insurance company drops the PESHA coverage. Taggart/Travelers are selected to provide a new all-in policy.
January, 2006: Fire burns the 4145 building. Damage is concentrated in the A unit, with minor damage to the other units. Travelers disputes PESHA's claim on multiple counts. Travelers claims that they did not sell PESHA an all-in policy, and further that no one in the industry sells all-in policies anymore. Travelers also disputes PESHA's legal ability to insure the buildings all-in. Ultimately, PESHA and Travelers settle the claim (October, 2006); the details of the settlement are to remain confidential.
Late 2006: After the Travelers settlement, the Board begins to shop for new policies.
January, 2007: State Farm underwriter informs PESHA board that his opinion is that, according to its Covenants, PESHA may not insure the individual Lots, neither all-in or just the outsides of the buildings.
February, 2007: PESHA sends out letter to all owners informing them that they would be safest to buy their own insurance while the Board figures out what it is allowed to insure.
March, 2007: PESHA receives an opinion from its attorneys that while it is not required to insure any individual Lots, it may choose to do so. American Family urges the Board to put together a wish-list of what should be included in a group insurance policy. The Board is still deciding what type of group insurance to buy, if any. Owners should still assume, until informed otherwise, that PESHA carries no insurance on their Lots.
November, 2007: PESHA discontinues Travelers policy and takes out a policy with American Family. A letter is sent to all owners with an overview of the new policy.
December, 2012: The Board votes to raise the deductible to $10,000. With this change, the annual premium will be ten thousand dollars lower. See the insurance sections of the December,2012 and the 2013 annual minutes.
October, 2017: PESHA's insurance agent is now Ella Washington.
The following letters are made available for historical context ONLY and are no longer current.
Insurance Letter 2017
Insurance Letter 2019

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