Park East Square Homeowners Association

Emergency Contacts

Fire or life-threatening emergencies
Call 911

Weekdays from 8-4
Jon Ray Gardner, Facilities Manager 303-442-6511

After-hours, weekends and during staff time off
Goodwin & Co, 303-693-2118

Non-Emergency Contacts

Facilities Manager (on site)
Building Exteriors, Grounds, Water/Sewer, Pool/Pool Keys, Trash Rooms,
Gutters, Sidewalks, Parking, Carports, Exterior Lighting, Snow Removal
Jon Ray Gardner 303-442-6511

Administrative Agent (Goodwin & Co)
Dues Payments, Financials, Bookkeeping, Account Information, Transfer of Ownership,
Rule Complaints & Enforcement, Violations, Exterior Modification Applications
Dani Esch 303-693-2118
Customer Service 855-289-6007 or
Live Chat is available on their website.
Covenant violation related inquiries can be directed to
Make payments or submit requests by getting the TownSq app or login here.
TownSq Instructions

Electrical, Gas & Street Lighting (Xcel)
Electric emergencies 800-895-1999
Gas emergencies 800-895-2999
Residential customer service 800-895-4999
Streetlights 303-571-3608 or click here

Boulder Police Non-Emergency & Animal Control

City of Boulder Parking Permits for Monroe Drive

Board of Directors

Lois Bennett, President
Mark Liebendorfer, Vice-president
Karen Fassler, Secretary/Treasurer
Therese Spears
Kevin Bush

1075 Monroe Drive, Boulder, CO, 80303 * 303-442-6511 *
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