Park East Square Homeowners Association

Emergency Contacts

Fire or life-threatening emergencies
Call 911

Weekdays from 8-4
Jon Ray Gardner, HOA Manager 303-442-6511

After-hours, weekends and during staff time off
Lois Bennett, Board Member 301-875-1716

Electrical, Gas & Street Lighting (Xcel)
Electric emergencies 800-895-1999
Gas emergencies 800-895-2999
Residential customer service 800-895-4999
Streetlights 303-571-3608 or click here

Non-Emergency Contacts

HOA Manager (on-site)
Buildings, Grounds, Water/Sewer, Pool/Pool Keys, Trash Rooms, Gutters,
Sidewalks, Parking, Carports, Exterior Lighting, Snow Removal
Jon Ray Gardner 303-442-6511

Financial Information, HOA Certifications, Accounting Reports, Account
Information, Homeowner Association Dues, Update Ownership Records
Bonnie Skilton 303-444-4107(w), 303 444-6938(fax)

Boulder Police Non-Emergency & Animal Control

City of Boulder Parking Permits for Monroe Drive

Board of Directors

Lois Bennett, President
Mark Liebendorfer, Vice-president
Karen Fassler, Secretary/Treasurer
Therese Spears
Kevin Bush

1075 Monroe Drive, Boulder, CO, 80303 * 303-442-6511 *
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