Park East Square Homeowners Association

Monthly Meeting

Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm via Zoom. All owners with emails on file will receive an email invitation.

Recent Changes to Policies

The Park East Square HOA Board of Directors adopted revisions to the Collection of Unpaid Assesments and Other Charges at the monthly meeting on 2/14/23. The major changes are to the due date of unexpected charges, such as fines, and the number of delinquency notices in the collection process. The revisions are effective on 2/14/23. Please be sure to read the policy so you understand the changes.

Insurance Changes

The HOA Board also adopted the Insurance Resolution with a revised Maintenance and Insurance Chart to be effective August 15, 2022. It does not not change the current or future HOA insurance, but may have an effect on your own personal insurance for your townhome. It is recommended you review the chart as soon as possible with your own insurance agent.

Exterior Modifications Require Approval

Any work involving the exterior of the buildings at Park East Square requires board review and approval. This includes windows, entry doors, decks, fences and anything requiring a new roof or wall penetration. All work must be done in accordance with the HOA's current guidelines, and an application must be submitted before work can begin. Don't spend any money or sign any contracts before getting approval!

Outdoor Light Fixtures

If you have received a notice from the HOA regarding your townhome's outdoor light fixture, a compliant fixture may be purchased at McGuckin's. Please note that an application is required before changing your light fixture.

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